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Good Advice #7: The Art of Editing a Contract

This week’s Good Advice post comes from the Practical Skills Department — you’ve got a contract and you know what changes you want, so how do you get those changes made?

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The Anatomy of a Contract

Contracts are things that are supposed to make sense. Seriously!

There is a method to the madness and once you figure it out, reading contracts and understanding them gets a whole lot easier.  Here is an introductory overview of the anatomy of a contract.

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Freelance-tastic! 2011!

Another Thanksgiving and another super fun podcast on freelancing!

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Choose Your Own (Negotiation) Adventure

Jack has been freelancing for six months.  He’s done his fair share of work on spec and picked up jobs that friends and acquaintances didn’t want.  He’s had some good experiences and some that made him long for the days he worked at Borders endlessly stocking Twilight novels.

Last week Jack got an email from an educational book publisher asking if he’d be interested in signing on for a three story job.  It’s a basic work made for hire arrangement, but the pay will cover all of his rent and food expenses for the next two months, plus it’s with an editor he’s heard is fun to work with.

Jack diligently read through the contract and asked for changes to about 11 of the 12 contract provisions.  Some changes were small and others were more significant, some he asked for just to see if he could get them.  Today Jack got a reply back from the company’s contract manager.  She accepted the changes he made to the spelling of his name, but rejected everything else.

What should Jack do?

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Four Secrets to Succeed in Publishing

I had a great time at Stumptown Comics Fest this year!  There were tons of cool people, a bunch of great comics and I tricked George Rohac into doing a panel with me.

On the off chance you aren’t familiar with Mr. Rohac, George is the Operations Director at Oni Press & one of the hardest working men in comics.  George has the comics business in his very marrow and he’s ridiculously good at what he does.

We discussed four skills we think are absolutely essential if you want to succeed in the publishing world; they’re also important and helpful if you’re a freelancer.  If you read the blog regularly, you might find them a tad familiar.

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