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New Website!

Are you looking for your weekly dose of negotiation goodness? Then head over to!

I launched a new website this week and will be posting over there exclusively from now on. It’s where all the cool kids are hanging out.


What Curiosity Can Teach You About Negotiating

Last Sunday night I, like the rest of my Twitter feed, watched something unbelievably cool. The rover NASA had cradled in a spacecraft, loaded on a rocket and lofted into space back in November, 2011, overcame considerable obstacles and the high possibility of failure, and safely landed on the surface of Mars.


An entirely different planet!! Mars!

Which of course made me think: this is a great lesson on negotiation!

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Learn How to be a Negotiation Rock Star!

I’ve got three, that’s right three, classes and workshops coming up in August and September! If you’re a creative freelancer you won’t want to miss out. I’ll teach you how to negotiate with confidence, how to set up your business so you’ll get paid and how to read a contract.

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Three Myths About Copyright

Talking to so many independent creators, I hear a lot of interesting ideas about how copyright law works and what it does. Very interesting ideas.

To be fair, law is not known for its clarity. And thanks to the internet’s obsession with copyright, it’s not always clear what’s helpful explanatory information and what’s one person’s bizarro idea of how the law works.

Here are three myths you can stop falling for.

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Kickstarter is Not a Magical Pony

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how Kickstarter is a game changer! The Answer for independent artists! A magic pill able to make anyone rich!

This is BS.

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