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woman of mystery

Katie Lane was born on a US Army base in Heidelberg, Germany, which means she could totally run for President if she wanted to, but she doesn’t, so there.   Since Germany, Katie’s busied herself with theatre, faux radio DJing, French Bulldogs and law school.

She graduated from law school long enough ago that there was a reunion and she missed it.  She’s advised librarians, comedians, ruffians and a gentleman with some very passionate ideas about revolutionizing televised sport fishing on all matter of legal conundrums.

By day, Katie negotiates for a large company in Portland, Oregon.  At night she transforms into a business counselor to comic artists, authors and vaudeville programs through out the city.  She does this because if she ever has children, she wants them to be able to laugh at something other than her.

She does not currently do private consulting provides private negotiation coaching and teaches negotiation seminars, and she would gladly entertain your generally applicable and interesting questions.  Email her at workmadeforhire (at) gmail (dot) com.

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