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May 16, 2012

Your Opinions, Please!

by Katie

If you live or work in Portland, I would very much appreciate three minutes of your time.

I’m planning some business skills and negotiation classes for artists and freelancers this summer. And I want to make sure I’m creating classes that people want and will enjoy.

So I’ve created a small survey. It’s five whole questions long. Answering it doesn’t obligate you to anything and it’s totally anonymous.

The information I gather will help me plan what to teach, when to hold the classes and how to price tuition. You know, the important stuff. So if you have three minutes to spare, I would very much appreciate your help.

You can find the survey here.

In exchange for your help, I offer you this gif of Captain Picard dancing:

Thank you.

Featured image by albertogp123 via

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