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December 3, 2010


Freelancepalooza Podcast 2010, Part the First

by Katie

Last year I talked Bill Mudron, Dylan Meconis & Erika Moen into doing a live two hour podcast about being independent artists on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

But they must have forgotten.  Because when I asked them to do it again this year, they all said, “Yes!”

So here is the first part of our conversation about working for yourself as an artist.  We talk about all the coolest things about being a freelancer: figuring out taxes, how fan art can get you work, and “freelance school.”  All without the 17 minutes of technical set up!

Freelancepalooza Podcast 2010, Part the First Ta-dum!

Part the Second of the edited podcast will be up this weekend!

Post Script:  On the advice of Ms. Moen, here is a link to last year’s podcast as well.

  1. Dec 3 2010

    Katie! You should link to last year’s podcast in this entry! Because people can’t get enough of listening to us talkin’ taxes. Hawt.

    • Katie
      Dec 3 2010


  2. Dec 3 2010

    I only give good advice u_u

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