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April 7, 2010



by Katie

Are you dead?


Have you abandoned the blog?


Well then, what gives?

Eh.  I had foot surgery and took some time off work and…basically I’ve been giving into a lot of excuses for not writing.  I’ve been lazy.



So, are you doing anything?

Yes!  I’m putting together a workshop for Stumptown, on contract law and negotiation with Art Cop & entertainment lawyer extraordinaire, Kohel Haver.  Kohel is the master at providing solid, easy to use advice that any artist, of any income level, can use to protect themselves.  We both love tough questions, so when you come, bring your best.  We’ll be in the Idaho Room on Saturday, April 24th, starting around noon.

I’m also putting together a chapbook of Totally Awesome Negotiation Advice.  I’ll be crashing with Dylan at her table, so swing on by and check it out!

Any new posts?

I’ve got about a half a dozen I’m working on right now; one is how to deal with disappointment when a negotiation doesn’t turn out the way you want it to, another is how to tell someone “No” when they ask you to change your work.

I’m also toying with the idea of expanding upon the “How to Read a Contract” series I did a while back.  If you have particular clauses or types of contracts you’d like to know more about, just shout out.

So when will you actually post something new?

I promise you’ll get an extra special dollop of negotiation goodness no later than Tuesday, April 13th.

Have you been up to anything else we should know about?

Dylan feels I should mention that I’ve watched an inordinate amount of Leverage over the last four weeks and that I have nobly done this as research to figure out how to give you, The Reader, better leverage in your negotiations!

This is a lie.

I’ve watched it because I am a nerd and it is a super fun show.  Plus, it’s shot in Portland and my high school crush, Onathan-Jay Rakes-Fay, has directed an episode or two.


I certainly think so.  See you at Stumptown!


*The Author can neither confirm nor deny that any of these questions have actually ever been asked.

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  1. miriam
    Apr 15 2010

    Woah! is that really your leg done up on oscar-meyer pink?

  2. Katie
    Apr 15 2010

    The cast was a lovely bright, ridiculous red; I now have a black cyborg boot. Quite the fashion plate, I am.

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