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January 11, 2010

Dear Money

by Katie

Oh, Money.

You are so green.  So useful!  So necessary for the comfort to which I’ve become accustomed.

I understand there are some good people who manage to have very happy lives thinking about you only a little bit.  On alternate Tuesdays and every third Friday afternoon.

And even though I recycle, love puppies and volunteer my free time to the betterment of my fellow man person, I am not one of those good people.

I think about you a lot.

A lot.

Pretty much every time I have to negotiate anything, you have a staring role, Money.

I try really, really hard to think of other things that are important to me, but somehow it never feels as powerful, as demanding.

Because independence and self-reliance sound really cool, but, seriously, when was the last time they picked up the grocery bill?  Never.

But you take care of the grocery bill, the mortgage, my student loans and drinks with my friends!  Without you I couldn’t do any of those things.

And, so, you’re often the center of my attention when I’m negotiating.

But here’s the thing: in and of yourself, you’re not that bloody useful.  If I couldn’t use you to do other things, I wouldn’t think about you nearly at all.

You’re actually stealing my attention in negotiations.  I get focused on how you can get me what I want, instead of being focused on what I really want.   Not exactly sporting of you.

So, new year, new possibilities!

This year every time I think about you I’m going to ask myself one simple question: Why?  Why do I want you?  If I had you, Money, what could I do?

Whatever the answer is, I’m going to focus on that instead of you.

You’ll still be important, don’t worry.  I mean, I’m not going to stop needing you anytime soon.  You’re just no longer allowed to be my primary focus, at least for this year.  The highest priority you can be in 2010 is second.

I really think this will make our relationship stronger, Money.  Instead of just blindly wanting you, I’ll know why I want you.  I’ll get to know, and appreciate, the real you.  I think we’ll end up spending more time together, and I for one, am looking forward to it.

Hugs & Kisses,



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