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February 15, 2009


A Few Points of Clarification

by Katie

Negotiating Teamwork —  What I’m advocating: salon-type situations where ideas are exchanged, theories can be tested in a safe setting and individuals are able to learn from the experiences of others.  What I’m not advocating: negotiating in groups.  Negotiating in groups is extremely difficult and requires a level expertise that, quite frankly, none of us have.  So, don’t do it if you don’t have to.

Being Nice ≠ Giving In — Being nice does not mean giving people what you think they want.  We know this inherently because we do not feed small children 942 cookies even when they beg and plead and cry.  We do this because we know the cookies will make them projectile vomit oatmeal and raisins all over us and it will get in the crevasses between our fingers and we won’t notice until, like, the third shower, which will cause us to throw up a little in our mouths and want to cry.

Good image, huh?

Please file it away and recall it the next time you’re negotiating and feel the need to give the other side something so they’ll like you.  Then, you know, don’t give in.

Also, Tina Fey is Awesome — I thought that was pretty clear, but just to make sure, you know?



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